SAP Program WVXPRA05 - Generate entries in table TWVK (new in 4.0)

This XPRA report program generates entries in table TWVK (sales pricecalculation: allowed pricing levels), which was created for Release4.0. In table TWVK, which you can find by choosing CentralCoordination -> Sales -> Pricing -> Allowed Pricing Levels in theRetail Implementation Guide (IMG), you can define per pricing levelwhich condition table sales prices are posted to from Pricing.
Until Release 4.0 this assignment was defined internally by the programlogic. To ensure the compatibility of this release with previousreleases, this XPRA report program generates entries in TWVK usingexactly the same logic in Pricing as before.

The processing start and end times are entered in the log. If tableTWVK is already maintained in full in one client, this information isalso logged. In addition, a warning message is generated if themodification of the database table resulted in an error.