SAP Program WVXPRA03 - Update of Extended Table TWPK (Define Price Point Groups)

This XPRA report program updates table TWPK (Sales Price Calculation:price point groups), to which the field RUNRG, the rounding rule forthe price point group, has been added.
In table TWPK, which you can call up in the Retail Implementation Guideby choosing Central Coordination -> Sales -> Sales PriceCalculation -> Price Point Group -> Define price point group, youcan define price point groups in various currencies and with a varietyof different rounding rules.
The report program causes initial values (0) from the enhancement to bereplaced in table field RUNRG by the value '50'. This corresponds tothe previously only possible rounding rule, which involves rounding tothe nearest interval limit in a price point range interval (see alsothe documentation for the RUNRG data element).
As the initial values for this field are fundamental, it can only beupdated during the upgrade. Any subsequent run is then blocked toprevent unintentional changes to the values. For the same reason, theupdate is only permitted for the upgrade from 1.2A1 to 1.2B. In laterupgrades this report program will no longer work.

An entry is made in the log for the start and the end of the run. Ifthe report program is started after the upgrade or if the upgrade isnot an upgrade of Release 1.2A1, the run will be terminated and acorresponding system message will be issued. A note is logged if tableTWPK is already fully-maintained in a particular client. In addition, awarning message is issued if the modification of the database table ledto an error.