SAP Program WVXPRA02 - Update of Modified Table TWKG (Maintain Pricing Type)

This report program updates table TWKG, in which the domain which formsthe basis of the data element KZKAB of the table field of the same namehas been changed from a checkbox (domain XFELD) to a text field (domainKZKAB).
In table TWKG, which you can call up in the Retail Implementation Guideby choosing Central Coordination -> Sales -> Sales PriceCalculation -> Maintain pricing type, you can define various controlparameters per pricing type in Sales Price Calculation.
The update aims to ensure that the affected programs can still run asthey did before the table modification. The initial value ' ' of thecheckbox is replaced by the value '0' of the text field and similarly'X' is replaced by '1'.

An entry is made in the log for the start and the end of the run. Inaddition, a warning message is issued if the modification of thedatabase table led to errors.