SAP Program WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR - Delivery Monitor

The delivery monitor is used to display and process open and completeddeliveries. Both inbound and outbound deliveries can be processed.
On the initial screen of the delivery monitor, you can switch betweenthe outbound delivery view and the inbound delivery view, or activateboth simultaneously.
For the individual selection types, you can specify a selection varianton the initial screen of the delivery monitor. By pressing the button"Display variant" you can activate the display and maintenance of thevariants. When you first call up the delivery monitor, the individualselection types always start with the SAP standard variant. Thedelivery monitor records the name of the last variant selected. Tomaintain the variant of a selection type from the initial screen, enterthe name of the variant to be maintained and press the button"Maintain". You branch to the standard functionality of the variantmaintenance of a report.
Technical background
The delivery monitor is implemented via function modules from thefunction group V50Q. Central to this is thefunction module WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR, whichcontrols data selection and list output and which can, in principle, becalled up from any application.
To call up the delivery monitor in its various processing types,individual reports are used, which allow background execution viastandard maintenance report. The reports call up the function moduleWS_DELIVERY_MONITOR on various screens:

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_FREE Delivery list outbound
  • deliveries
    • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_PICK Outbound deliveries to be
    • picked
      • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_CONF Outbound deliveries to be
      • confirmed
        • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_TRAN Transportation planning
        • outbound deliveries
          • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_LOAD Outbound deliveries to be
          • loaded
            • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_GDSI Goods issue for outbound
            • deliveries to be posted
              • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_FREE Delivery list outbound
              • deliveries
                • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_PICK Stored inbound deliveries

                • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_CONF Inbound deliveries to be
                • confirmed WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_TRAN Transportationplanning inbound deliveries
                  • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_GDRC Goods issue for inbound
                  • deliveries to be booked
                    The listed reports are taken from the central reportWS_DELIVERY_MONITOR.
                    The dictionary structure LIPOV is used as a basisfor list issue. The concept of customer enhancements means thatcustomers can complete the include structure LIPOVZ with fields of thesame name from tables LIKP, LIPS, VBUP and VBUK, to enhance theirdisplay variants with individual fields. These fields are automaticallycompleted by the system. As SAP name space must be used, SAPenhancements to structure LIPOV must make sure that no existing errorsfrom the same name fields are added. In addition there are two userexits:
                    • EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001 for reading data that has not
                    • come from the above tables,
                      • EXIT_SAPLV50Q_002 for reading individual output
                      • types for processing from the list. The documentation for both modulescontains further details.

655819VL06: Dely monitor performance w/ forwarding agent selection
615412VL06IG: Inbound deliveries with goods movement status 'C'
614069VL06IF: Inbound deliveries with goods movement status 'C'
394376VL06O: Incorrect description SET/GET parameter
312025Variants of the initial screen of delivery monitor
375763EDI inbound shipping notif.; Statistical GR; M7036
352187Maintenance of standard variant in delivery monitor
321893Missing variants in the delivery monitor VLA006
210813VL06O: Selection by plant order incorrect