SAP Program WSLIPS03 - Monitoring and adjusting delivery weight

The program WSLIPS03 tries to remove data inconsistencies in thedelivery regarding weight, volume and quantity. It recalculates thesevalues on the basis of the specifications on delivery units in thematerial master. The new values are target values.
The system calculates the following values for all delivery headers:
. Gross and net weight as well as volume are calculated for each
. If the recalculated delivery quantity deviates from the delivery
quantity in the document by more than a tolerance percentage,
the system writes a log.
. The weight is added for all items in a delivery; if it deviates
from the former weight in the header, the system writes a log.
. In case of batches, the quantity is added for all batch split
items; if it deviates from the former accumulated batch weight,
the system writes a log.
The changes are only effective in the database if the characteristic
"db_aktiv" is set to 'X'.

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