SAP Program WRF_WPOSN_CSGMT_DELETE - Delete Entries from POS Consignment Table WPOSN_CSGMT

With this report, you can delete entries in the POS consignment tableWPOSN_CSGMT in POS inbound from the database. Entries are created inthis table if the "POS Consignment" function is active in POS inboundand a material document item has a non-unique stock situation withregard to vendor consignment stock. If an IDoc is deleted from the POSmonitor, all entries assigned to it in the consignment table are deletedautomatically.

As all entries in the POS consignment table are assigned to an IDoc anda certain segment number within an IDoc, the selection screen isdesigned for the selection of IDocs.
If the "Deleted IDocs Only" indicator is set, only the entries for whichthe corresponding IDoc has already been archived and deleted from thedatabase are deleted. The IDoc status does not play a role in theselection.
If the "Deleted IDocs Only" indicator is not set, entries assigned toall the selected IDocs are deleted. The IDoc status is taken intoaccount in the selection.
Warning: If you delete entries for IDocs that are used later, forexample, to cancel update data, it can cause inconsistencies.
Using the "Test Run" indicator, you can control whether entries arephysically deleted or not.