SAP Program WD_THEMES - Programm WD_THEMES

WD_THEMES manages the themes in the MIME repository and is used toexchange themes between the MIME repository and the local file system.This makes it possible to use themes that have been created with theTheme Editor - an eclipse plug-in - for Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

WD_THEMES displays all themes in the MIME Repository and issues awarning if they have different versions. If this happens, you shouldupgrade the themes using the Theme Editor (export all themes withWD_THEMES, load to the Theme Editor, automatic upgrade in the ThemeEditor and re-import to the MIME repository using WD_THEMES).
For each theme in the table, the system displays the version andindicates whether it is an SAP theme or a customer theme.
There is also a toolbar with pushbuttons. The functionality of thesepushbuttons is the subject of the following section:

Export All Themes
You can use this button to store themes, together with metafiles and WARfiles from the MIME Repository in a ZIP file on the local file system.The Theme Editor needs all of this data.

Import Themes
You can use this function to load themes from a ZIP file on the localfile system to the MIME repository. Once you have selected the file toload in the popup, this file is loaded and analyzed. A message appearslisting the themes found. It displays their properties and indicateswhether they will be imported. WD_THEMES does not load themes to theMIME repository
with versions other than that of the standard theme "SAP_TRADESHOW"
that were created by SAP and are already in the MIME repository
Around 1700 files are created for each theme. The import process cantherefore be very time-consuming.

Delete Themes
You can use this function to delete individual customer themes. Youcannot delete SAP themes.

UR Version
All themes should have the version of the Unified Rendering Software(UR) in the system. This function returns the version. Following asystem upgrade, the customer themes might have a different (older)version than the UR. If this happens, you should use the Export functionto load all themes into the Theme Editor, carry out an upgrade these andthen re-load them into the MIME repository.

This function updates the table with the themes.

1536578Web Dynpro ABAP: Update of custom themes in the back end
1393988WD_THEMES: False update alarm