SAP Program WDY_CONVERT_COMPONENT - Convert Component

Conversion of Web Dynpro component to the NW05 model.
In NW05, the interface controller and the interface views have noimplementation. The implementation of the methods,... of the interfacecontroller is carried out in the component controller, while the eventhandlers of the interface views are implemented in the new windowcontroller.

The following conflicts can arise in the conversion:

  • Identically-named methods/event handlers/events/attributes in the
  • interface controller and component controller
    • Identically-named nodes in the context of the interface controller and
    • component controller
      • Use of the interface controller in the component controller and vice
      • versa, including context mapping between them (since, in NW05, thecomponent controller implements the interface controller, this use is nolonger useful)
        • Use of the interface controller and component controller in a view or
        • custom controller of the component, including context mapping on bothcontrollers
          • Use of a custom controller of the own component or an interface
          • controller of another component both in the interface controller and inthe component controller.

            The component must be active. If it not active and reports errors whenactivated, iz must be activated 'despite errors'.

            The report has the following options:

            • Check mode on (force is ignored in this case):

            • All conflicts arising from the conversion are listed. No conversiontakes place.
              • Check mode off / force mode off:

              • Conversion only takes place if there are no conflicts. Conflicts arereported.
                • Check mode off / force mode on:

                • The conversion is also carried out if conflicts are discovered. Theseare reported.

                  The report copies the components of the interface controller to thecomponent controller. In conflict situations (see above), the systemalways overwrites. This may not always be desired. In this case, theconlficts should first be removed.