SAP Program WDR_CFG_ADJUST_CONFIG_DATA - Adjusts configuration data (implicit - explicit for runtime layer)

Adjusts the configuration data (implicit - explicit) for runtime layers.

This report is used to delete the explicit part of the customizing orend user personalization data.
Part of the explicit Customizing or end user personalization data mayhave been created by calling the Customizing or personalization featuresin the Web Dynpro ABAP Framework. Part of the explicit Customizing orend user personalization data may also have been saved by setting the'Quick Help On/Off' flag. This means that changes to the explicit datain the configuration layer are ignored.

This report can be used to delete the explicit part of the customizingor end user personalization data. Various selection criteria areprovided for selection of this data.

- Selection using the name of the Web Dynpro component
- Selection using the configuration ID
It is also possible to start a test run and to write the changedCustomizing or personalization data to a Customizing transport request.

- none available -

Database entries changed (can be seen from report output).