SAP Program /DSD/RP_RV56TRSL - DSD Shipment List

This report is used in many playes in the system. It serves primarily toselect shipments and display them in a list. The list is set up with theABAP list viewer, ALV. This report performs thefollowing tasks: ALV

  • Sending the selection screen

  • Selecting shipments

  • Displaying the list of selected shipments

  • Interactive reporting: navigation to documents, setting status
  • "Registered" / "Completed" directly from the list, and much more...
    The report is called in the following environments:
    • Planning list :VT11

    • Completion list :VT12

    • Registration list :VT16

    • F4 help for shipment number: customer-defined F4 help that allows the
    • selection of multiple shipments (instead of just one as in standard)
      • Freight costs collective run (worklist) VI04: You can
      • select the shipments for generating freight cost documents
        The individual variants differ in their selection criteria, in thefields displayed in the list, and in the functions offered to users onscreen.
        Technically, the individual call variants are separated with the "mode"parameter: the report is never started directly, but instead called byanother program, which sends the execution mode.
        • For VT11, VT12 and VT16, the following cascade call is used: VT11/12/16
        • (parameter transaction) calls VT10 (report transaction) and passes onthe mode; VT10 starts a start report (which assumes the selectionvariant management and may start the report with a variant), whichperforms a submit for this report. "mode" is an invisible selectionparameter from the report.
          • For F4 help: function module sd_f4_extended does not call the entire
          • report RV56TRSL, but instead only the two main form routinesshipments_read and shipment_display, specifying the mode in the process.This alternate approach is required to prevent a new roll area frombeing created: when F4 help is used, the selection screen should bedisplayed as a popup. If the report were started using a submit and itsselection screen were displayed as a popup, the main screen (from whichthe F4 help was called) would become inactive (all previously displayedfields disappear) because the popup creates a new roll area. This isdifferent when a function module is called; no new roll area is opened,the main screen is retained, and the user does not lose the context.
            • Parameter "mode" is queried at the appropriate junctures within the
            • report and the program flow steered accordingly (structure of theselection screen, structure of the field catalog for the list, ...).
              The main form routines are:
              • Shipments_read: Read the shipments selected in the selection screen.
              • This form routine is fully parameterized, as it is also called outsideof the report (see above)
                • Shipment_display: Display the shipments in the shipment list

                • User_command: Return routine for ALV, where the user commands are
                • processed