SAP Program /BEV2/EDABW01 - Evaluations of Excise Duty Movements

Output of movements in totals and/or in form of individual documents

Note for development

Supplementing a new sorting/grouping
SELECT-OPTIONS/PARAMETER : Inserting selection
init_sortvariante : Creating sort. variant, also for page header
init_rep_la_grp_titel : Adjusting group change text
init_tab_sort_fields : Indicating sort. fields
la_st_ueberschrift_ausgeben : Adjusting grp. change header texts
hide_sel_fields: wenn nötig : Locking sorting for particular taxtypes if necessary

Permitting new tables for print format items (analog MSEG)
DOMA YHDFWERTYP (VALUE in YH938): Extending fixed value table
la_df_sp_kop_xxxx_ausgeben creating (xxxx = tab name)
get_dicx_from_xfieldtab adjusting
check_xyh938v_werttyp_for_dic : Permitting table

Adding new individual document sortings:
Domain YHLBGRSRT: reading in new fixed value
init_tab_sort_fields : Extending case instruction by fixed value