SAP Parameter dbs/db6/statistics_restore - Decision what kind of DB statistics data to restore for DB2 (for AIX)


Short text
Decision on what kind of DB statistics data to restore

Parameter description
For DB2 for AIX, updates of the database statistics during tableconversion are controlled through parameter dbs/db6/statistics_restore.The default value for the parameter is 'tci'. 't' stands for tables, 'c'for columns, and 'i' for indexes. If the parameter is set to tci, thestatistics of the object set by the value are updated when the tables orindexes are converted.
Examples: tci: Statistics for tables, columns, and indexes
tc: Statistics for tables and columns
ti: Statistics for tables and indexes

Work area
Online/background conversions, upgrade
SAP or customer as directed by SAP
DB2 only (for AIX)
Related: dbs/db6/statistics_store dbs/db6/statistics_restore is onlyactivated in the system if dbs/db6/statistics_store was activepreviously: Only the statistics data that could be saved by an activedbs/db6/statistics_store can be restored. See dbs/db6/statistics_store
The letters 't', 'c', and 'i' are interpreted as information. Othercharacters are ignored. Maximum length that can be interpreted: 3