SAP Parameter as4/dbmon/output_schema - Schema with database performance data for IBM i


Short text
The parameter as4/dbmon/output_schema defines the name of the schemathat contains performance data when the central SAP Database PerformanceCollector for IBM i is being used (as4/dbmon/central_collector = 1 orON). The default schema name is SAPDB4M for databases in the system ASPor SAPDB4M for systems in an independent ASP (iASP), where isthe ASP number (e.g. SAPDB4M033 for iASP number 33).
The parameter is only used on SAP systems on DB2 for IBM i whenas4/dbmon/central_collector is set to 1 or ON. On all other platforms,or when as4/dbmon/central_collector is set to 0 or OFF, the parameter isbeing ignored.