SAP Parameter as4/dbmon/central_collector - Use central database performance collector for IBM i


Short text
With DB2 for IBM i, you have two options for database monitoring: Youcan use the classic ABAP performance collector, which was shipped withABAP or dual-stack systems only, or you can use the central SAP DatabasePerformance Collector for IBM i, which is shipped with SAPHOSTAGENT,release 7.20 patch level 75 or later.
Parameter as4/dbmon/central_collector is used to decide whether theclassic ABAP performance collector or the central database performancecollector for IBM i is used by transaction DBACockpit. Valid values are:
0 or OFF = Use the classic ABAP performance collector
1 or ON = Use the central SAP Database Performance Collector for IBM i
The default value is 0. The value can be changed dynamically, but if itis changed to 1 or ON, regularly scheduled batch jobs for setting 0 orOFF will no longer be executed. If you switch the parameter back to 0 orOFF at a later time, no performance data will be available for the timewhile the parameter was set to 1 or ON.
The parameter is only evaluated on SAP installations with DB2 for IBM i(DB4). On other databases, the parameter will be ignored.