SAP Parameter abap/test_generation - Handling of test code during the load generation


Short text
Bytecode generation for test classes

Parameter description
Programs can contain source code fragments that are intended exclusivelyfor tests with ABAP Unit. These are all local classes that are definedwith "FOR TESTING". These test classes are not required for the use ofthe program.
It is therefore not necessary to generate bytecode for the test classesto use the program prodcutively. You can use this profile parameter tocontrol the standard behavior of the ABAP compiler with regard tobytecode generation:

  • 'off' - Do not generate bytecode for test classes

  • 'on' - Generate bytecode for test classes

  • 'default'

  • 'off' - For customer systems
    'on' - For internal SAP systems
    The parameter therefore allows you to optimize the memory usage ofbytecode. However, the parameter does not restrict the performance ofthe tests.
    For more information about the addition 'FOR TESTING', see the keyworddocumentation for CLASS DEFINITION.

    Work area

    Default value

    Who is allowed
    System administrator