SAP Parameter abap/rabax_no_debug - Disallow debugging in case of a short dump


Short text
Disallow debugging if a short dump occurs.

Parameter description
If a runtime error occurs, the initial screen of the dump displayappears.
If the user has debug authorization, he or she can analyze the error inthe debugger. To do so, the the data used by the application at the timeof the crash must be retained unchanged.
If multiple memory-intensive applications terminate within a short spaceof time, and then remain on the initial screen of the dump display for alonger period of time, this can lead to memory bottlenecks.
If the profile parameter is set, all application sessions are terminatedand therefore the memory used is released, before the initial screen isdisplayed. This avoids the impending threat of bottlenecks. However, inthis case, it is no longer possible to debug the terminated application.
The parameter can have one of the following values:

  • 'on' the parameter is active and is suppressing the possibility of
  • debugging. The occupied memory areas are released.
    • 'off' the parameter is inactive. If the user has debug authorization, he
    • or she can analyze the error in the debugger. Occupied memory areas areretained.
      If the user does not have debug authorization, the occupied memory maybe released before the dump display is output, depending on the kernelstatus (see SAP Note 1500931).

      Work area

      Parameter unit

      Default value

      Who is allowed
      System administrator

      Limitation for os

      Limitation for db

      Other parameter

      See above