SAP Parameter abap/import_char_conversion - Automatic conversion in ABAP-statement IMPORT


Short text
Automatic conversion in ABAP statement IMPORT

Parameter description
This parameter specifies whether the character strings are to beconverted automatically in the ABAP statement IMPORT. The parametershould normally have the value 1, which means the conversion takes placeautomatically. (This refers to the conversion between different codepages.) Customers who work with several character sets in their systemcan set the parameter value to 0 if configuring their R/3 system formulti-NLS. (In this case, conversion does not take place automatically.)In more specific cases, a value of 2 is also possible with this kind ofconfiguration. The value 2 means that conversion does not normally takeplace (as with the value 0), except in the case of code pagecombinations where the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 have different locations(for example, in ASCII<(><<)>->EBCDIC combinations).

Work area

Parameter unit
Values 0, 1, and 2

Default value

Who is allowed
Customer (only with a multi-NLS configuration)

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
You can only change this parameter if you have a multi-NLSconfiguration.