SAP Parameter abap/heap_area_dia - Limit of heap memory per dialog work process


Short text
Heap Memory Limit for Dialog Work Processes

Parameter description
Specifies the maximum local process memory (heap, malloc) that can beallocated to a single dialog work process. The aim is to limit the sizeof a user context if required.

Parameter unit

Default value
2,000,000,000 (2 GB)

Default Value
As long as the memory requirement for individual user contexts isunknown, we recommend specifying a high value. However, if you wish toavoid problems resulting from user contexts being too large, you can usethis limit to terminate a user context if it exceeds a certain size. Tomake the best possible setting for this value, you need to know themaximum memory requirement allowed for user contexts. The value 0overrides this limit.

Who is allowed

Other parameter
The parameter value only takes effect if it is lower than the valuespecified for ABAP/HEAP_AREA_TOTAL.ABAP/HEAP_AREA_TOTAL restricts the total local process memory in allwork processes.

Limitation for os
The maximum local process memory is also subject to limits determined inthe operating system by configuration settings or architecture. You candetermine some of these limits by means of the test program 'memlimits'.A value only takes effect if it is lower than the maximum size specifiedby the operating system.

Limitation for db

Limitation for db