SAP Parameter abap/force_local_update_task - Redirect asynchronous update task to local update task


Short text
Redirect requests to "asynchronous update task with immediate start" tolocal update task.

Parameter description
In normal system operation, update task requests are processedasynchonously by the ABAP system's update task service. As analternative, ABAP applications can choose (via the ABAP statement SETUPDATE TASK LOCAL) to process update task requests for immediate startby the local update task, i.e. synchonously and within the user's s
ession at the time of the COMMIT statement. Other update requests (e.g.for delayed execution) are still handled asynchronously.
With the special parameter setting abap/force_local_update_task=1, allupdate task requests for immediate start are handled as if the ABAPapplication had chosen SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL.

Work area

Parameter unit
Fixed values:

  • 0 means no redirection, asynchronous update task is used as requested
  • byABAP programs.
    • 1 means that all requests to "asynchronous update task with immediate
    • start" are processed as local update task.

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      Other parameter

      0, 1