SAP Parameter icm/max_threads - Maximum number of worker threads of ICM


Short text
Maximum number of worker threads of ICMThis parameter specifies the maximum number of ICM threads.The number corresponds to the maximum number of connectionsthat can be processed simultaneously.The set minimum number of threads
icm/min_threads are generatedat the ICM startup.The number is not reduced while the ICM is runningIf there is a high load, the ICM starts additional threads one at atime until the set maximum number is reached.

Work area
Internet Communication Manager

Parameter unit

Default value

Who is allowed
The customerThe number of useable threads in a processdepends on the operating system. The set minimum number of threadsmust be able to be created when the ICM starts.The maximum number of threads is reached when the system is underload.

Limitation for db
Noneicm/min_threads must be smaller than icm/max_threads.