SAP Parameter icm/HTTP/redirect_ - HTTP redirect specification


Short text
HTTP redirect specificationAn HTTP Redirect (301) can be defined using this parameter value.If the client attempts to access the URL, the server sends theredirect, causing the client to access the specified newtarget instead.

Work area
Internet Communication Manager

Parameter unit
Special character string (see below)

Default value
Not Activated

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
Noicm/redirect_<(><<)>xx<(>><)> = PREFIX=<(><<)>URL-Prefix<(>><)>,
TO=<(><<)>new URL-Prefix<(>><)>[, PROT=<(><<)>protocol<(>><)>, HOST=<(><<)>host<(>><)>, PORT=<(><<)>port number/name<(>><)>]<(><<)>xx<(>><)> must be specified ascendingly numbered from "0" .
such as icm/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, TO=/bc/bsp/demo/default.html
Accesses to "/" are redirected to "/bc/bsp/demo/default.html"
You can use the optional parameters PROT, HOST, and PORT toset the target address to a different protocol, a different hostor a different port. The port, however, can only be specifiedif a host name was also specified.
The default values for PROT, HOST, and PORT are the values thatare set for the inbound request.