SAP Parameter icm/HTTP/j2ee_ - Specification of communication with J2EE Server


Short text
Specification of communication with J2EE EngineYou can use this parameter to specify the communication of the ICMwith the J2EE Engine.
icm/HTTP/j2ee_<(><<)>xx<(>><)> = PREFIX=<(><<)>uri prefix<(>><)>,
[HOST=<(><<)>host<(>><)>,]PORT=<(><<)>port<(>><)>, CONN=<(><<)>number of connections<(>><)>[, SSLENC=<(><<)>n<(>><)>, TYPE=<(><<)>t<(>><)>,
CRED=<(><<)>file<(>><)>,SPORT=<(><<)>HTTPS port<(>><)> ]
<(><<)>xx<(>><)>: Stands for the number of the entry to be specified.You can specify multiple assignments of URI prefix and J2EEEngine, numbered ascendingly from zero.
<(><<)>uri prefix<(>><)>: The system checks for all HTTP URIs starting
withthis character string, whether they are to be forwarded to theJ2EE Engine.
<(><<)>host<(>><)>: Host on which the J2EE Engine is running. If you do
notspecify the parameter, localhost is used.If SSL is to be forwarded to the J2EE Engine, the the subject CNin the SSL server certificate of the J2EE Engine (name of thehost for which the certificate is issued, such as"") must match this value.
<(><<)>port<(>><)>: Port number or name of the HTTP listen port of the
J2EEServer, with which the ICM is to connect.
<(><<)>Number of connections<(>><)>: You can use this parameter to
define thenumber of network connections to the J2EE Engine. You caneither configure a fixed number of connections, or a range(min-max). If you specify a range, the ICM opens min connectionsto the server at startup. New connections are opened if they arerequired, until the maximum value is reached. If you specify afixed number (or if the minimum value is the same as the maximumvalue), these connections are opened at startup.
<(><<)>n<(>><)>: Specifies whether the data stream is to be SSL
encryptedagain; the following values are possible:

  • 0: Data is not SSL encrypted again

  • 1: Data is SSL-encrypted again, if it was encrypted when the ICM
  • received it (HTTPS)
    • 2: Data is always SSL-encrypted
    • If you do not specify this parameter, the data is notencrypted again.
      Defines which X.509 certificate is to be used.
      The following values are possible:
      • 0: No certificate

      • 1: Default certificate

      • 2: Use certificate that is specified by the parameter CRED
      • <(><<)>file<(>><)>: Name of the PSE file used for authentication with
        theserver; this option is only relevant if <(><<)>t<(>><)>=2.
        <(><<)>HTTPS Port<(>><)>: Port number or name of the HTTPS listen port
        of theJ2EE Engine with which the ICM is to connect.
        icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/, HOST=localhost, PORT=20000, CONN=0-30
        icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/ HOST=, PORT=8080, CONN=50
        icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/, CONN=0-10, PORT=50000,SPORT=50003,SSLENC=1,TYPE=1
        icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/, CONN=0-10, PORT=50000,SPORT=50003,SSLENC=1,TYPE=2,CRED=SAPSSLC.pse

        Work area
        Internet Communication Manager

        Parameter unit
        character string

        Default value
        Parameter not defined

        Who is allowed
        The customer

        Limitation for os

        Limitation for db
        NoneSetting this parameter is only meaningful if the parameterrdisp/j2ee_start is also set.

        See description