SAP Parameter icm/HTTP/file_access_ - Static file access specification


Short text
Static file access specificationThis parameter determines for which URL prefixes static fileaccesses should be made, and in which directory thestatic files are kept.
If a page or file underneath the "virtual_root" is accessed, the"virtual_root" is replaced by the "document_root" and the handlerattempts to read the file from the file system and to send it backto the client.
Display Contents of DirectoryYou can also define a directory index with this parameter. Use thefollowing options to do this:
- BROWSEDIR: Use this to determine the level of detail of the list.
The following values are possible:

  • 0: Function is deactivated, the contents of the directory
  • are not displayed
    • 1: Only the file names are displayed

    • 2: File names are displayed with size and last change date

    • - DIRINDEX: Name of a file that is to be displayed instead of thecontents of the directory.
      - IGNORE: You can use this to restrict the display of the contentsof the directory. Files that match the pattern are not lsited.
      You can use the option CACHECTRL to specify the cache period inseconds. This is the length of time for which the ICM temporarilystores the data after it has sent it to the client. If the samerequest comes again during this length of time, it is met from thecache. For possible values, see below.

      Work area
      Internet Communication Manager

      Parameter unit
      Special character string (see below)

      Default value
      Not Activated

      Who is allowed
      The customer

      Limitation for os

      Limitation for db

      Other parameter
      icm/file_access_<(><<)>xx<(>><)> = PREFIX=<(><<)>URL-Prefix<(>><)>,
      DOCROOT=<(><<)>Rootdirectory of files<(>><)>,CACHECTRL=<(><<)>cachingperiod in seconds<(>><)><(><<)>xx<(>><)> must be entered, ascending from "0".
      If the caching of file objects is to be deactivated, set the valueof CACHECTRL to 0 or -1. If caching is to be performed, setCACHECTRL to a positive numerical value in seconds.CACHECTRL=+7200 means, for example, that the file objects are to becached for two hours.The default value for CACHECTRL is +3600.example: icm/file_access_0 = PREFIX=/docs/, DOCROOT=/tmp/documents