SAP Parameter i18n/bidi/logic - BIDI logic during printing


Short text
BiDi logic during printingThis parameters specifies which BiDi logic is used when printingHebrew or Arabic texts. The default value "UC2" for Unicode BiDilogic should usually be used. The previously used value "MS2" hassame meaning.The same BiDi logic is also used when entering and displayingHebrew and Arabic texts in SAP GUI.

Work area

Default value

Who is allowed
The customerOther valid input values are:"SAP" for the "Old SAP BiDi logic", which was used by the HebrewSAP GUI variant until SAP R/3 4.6"UC2" BiDi logic in accordance with the Unicode standard, rel.'MS1' for the Bidi logic used by Microsoft in earlier versions ofMicrosoft Windows (such as Microsoft Windows 2000 withService Pack <(><<)>= 2).