SAP Parameter eu/iwb/path_win16 - Info Workbench: File path for Help on Win16 platforms


Short text
Info Workbench: File path for Help on Windows 16 bit frontends

Parameter description
The parameter specifies the path under which the extended help is storedfor the display on Windows 16 Bit frontends. All languages specifiedwith the parameter eu/iwb/installed_languages must exist in thesubdirectories of this directory which contain the different languageversions of the help. The names of these subdirectories must consist ofthe two-digit language identifier of the relevant version.

Work area

Who is allowed
System administrator

Limitation for os
Applies for Win16 Frontends

Limitation for db

Other parameter

If help type 2 (PlainHtmlHttp) or 4 (HtmlHelpHttp) is used and isparameter eu/iwb/server_win16 is therefore maintained, then the pathdoes not contain a host name. If help type 3 (PlainHtmlFile) or 5(HtmlHelpFile) is used then the path starts with the host name of thefile server.