SAP Parameter eu/iwb/path_unix - Info Workbench: File path for Help on UNIX platforms


Short text
Info Workbench: File path for help on UNIX front ends

Parameter description
The parameter specifies the path under which the Extended help is storedfor display on UNIX front-end hosts. All languages specified with theparameter eu/iwb/installed_languages must exist in the subdirectories ofthis directory which contain the different language versions of thehelp. The names of these subdirectories must consist of the two-digitlanguage identifier of the relevant version.

Work area

Who is allowed
System administrator

Limitation for os
Apply to UNIX front ends

Limitation for db

Other parameter

If help type 2 (PlainHtmlHttp) or 4 (HtmlHelpHttp) is used, and ifparameter eu/iwb/server_unix is therefore maintained, the path does notcontain a host name. If help type 3 (PlainHtmlFile) or 5 (HtmlHelpFile)is used then the path starts with the host name of the file server.