SAP Parameter eu/controlled_modification - Customizing modifications on repository Objects


Short text
Customizing modifications on repository objects. The parameter specifieswhether changes to objects that do not belong to customers should belogged. This has the advantage that you can obtain details on changes tothe standard at any time. There is also better support for maintainingchanges after an upgrade.
You must not set a server-specific parameter. The parameter must be setto the same value on all servers.
0 =
Logging deactivated
1 =
Logging activated

Work area
ABAP Engineering Workbench

Parameter unit
The parameter may only be set in DEFAULT.PFL. You must not set itdifferently on different servers.

Default value
0 (Procedure deactivated)

Who is allowed
Person responsible for modifications

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter

0 and 1