SAP Parameter enque/log_file - enqueue related logfiles for all workprocesses (path)


Parameter description
This parameter specifies the name of the log file in which logginginformation about lock table operations is recorded. Only processes withdirect access to the lock table write logging information. The log fileis stored in the work directory of the central instance, which containsthe enqueue server.
If an ABAP central instance is configured, all work processes of thecentral instance have access to the lock table. The names of the logfiles are then <(><<)>file_template><(><<)>work_process_no>
If a central instance is configured with a standalone enqueue server andmessage server, but without an ABAP server, only the standalone enqueueserver has access to the lock table. The name of the log file in thiscase is <(><<)>file_template>999

Work area

Parameter unit
File template

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Limitation for os
Path name in accordance with operating system convention

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