SAP Parameter enque/con_timeout - Timeout for connect establishment to standalone enqueue server


Short text
Timeout for establishing connection to standalone enqueue server

Parameter description
If you are using the standalone enqueue server, every work processcreates a separate network connection. If this fails, the processattempts to create the connection again after the period of timespecified by this parameter has passed. It attempts thisenque/con_retries times.
If the standalone enqueue server is not available at any time, theprocess is blocked for this time.
If the enqueue server is still not reached after the timeout hasexpired, the application receives the "SYSTEM_FAILURE" exception, whichmay not be desired. When setting these two parameters, you thereforeneed to consider how long you want to have the work processes blocked(all work processes might be occupied) and how long you allow theenqueue server and the HA software for a failover.
enque/con_timeout should not be too large, so that the work processescan connect to the enqueue server as soon as it is available again.However, it should also not be too small so that you do not flood thenetwork with connect attempts during the period when the enqueue serveris not available.

Work area

Parameter unit

Default value

Who is allowed
Customer after consultation with SAP

Other parameter

Values between 500 (half a second) and 120000 (2 minutes).