SAP Parameter rdisp/accept_remote_trace_level - accept external switch of trace level


Short text
Accept external switch of trace level?So that distributed processes can be monitored, if the user trace isactivated (transaction SM04), the trace level is passed on to theremote CPIC or RFC server. These accept the trace level andgenerate a trace for the flow of the CPIC program or RFC module.In order to prevent misuse, you can use this parameter toprevent the trace level from being transferred.

Work area
Dispatcher / taskhandler

Parameter unit
Truth Value

Default value
1 (Trace is transferred)

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
There are the followingcorresponding profile parameters for the SAP Gateway and InternetCommunication Manager (ICM) processes started by the dispatcher:
0 (Do not transfer trace) or
1 (transfer trace)