SAP Parameter DIR_LIBRARY - missing


1104735Upgrade to the new instance-specific directory on UNIX
333097INST: 4.6C / 4.6C SR R/3 on UNIX/Oracle - Het. System Copy
912969BR*Tools 7.00 fails due to license problems
400818Information about the R/3 database library
620462iSeries: Symbolic links MUST be correct before R3SETUP runs
769918DB2-z/OS: Upgrade to 6.20 with 6.40 kernel
674521SAP Web AS 6.40 Installation on UNIX: Informix
193616Docu: DBconnect R/3 Oracle with shared libraries
177724System copy with 64-bit R/3 kernel 4.5B (ORACLE)
193512DB2/390: Load Library error on NT dialog instance
914259 DB2-z/OS: db2radm Patch Collection
1901033"R3trans -d" returns no connect possible: "maybe someone set invalid values for DIR_LIBRARY or dbms_type" on Linux
582092INST: SAP Web AS 6.30 Installation on UNIX - Informix
662191DB6: Additions to upgrade (based) on SAP Web AS 6.40
339092DB MultiConnect with Oracle as secondary database
85254Installing a Dialog Instance/ Gateway, 4.0x/4.5A
142990INST: 4.5B R/3 Installation on UNIX
361440DB2/390: 4.6C Installation/Upgrade Asia
353110Installation 64-bit SAP 4.6D Kernel for Solaris
88884Exec err.: Oracle svrmgrl, tnsping, lsnrctl, sapdba
327014DB2/390: Inst. NT dialog instances with OS/390 central insta
136806DB2/390: Upgrade: ICLI servers and database connect
836517Oracle database 10g: Preparation for SAP upgrade
830982SAP recommendations for Oracle RAC 9.2.0.x config.
137478Inst. Dialog/Gateway Instance - 6.10, 4.6x, 4,5B, 3.1I SR1
602843Environment settings for R/3/Oracle on UNIX
136172Additions upgrade on 4.5A/BW 1.2B ORACLE
180456Additions to upgrade to 4.6B SAP DB
147349Additions upgrade to Release 4.0B SR ORACLE
538849UNIX: DLENOACCESS when loading dboraslib and libclntsh
1403827Central Note - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP00
156292Additions upgrade to 4.6A ORACLE
715701Migration to SAP DB/MaxDB
1537078Central Note - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP01 [lmt_006]
819876DB6: Additional info about upgrade (based) on SAP NW AS 7.0
179376Additions Upgrade to 4.6B ORACLE
114970Additions upgrade on 4.5A ORACLE
403004Database connect using R3trans fails
1078134IBM i: Distribution of ILE and PASE system components
143059INST: 4.5B R/3 Inst. - Heterogeneous System Copy
459899SAP BW 3.0A Server Installation: UNIX/Oracle