SAP Parameter DIR_HOME - home directory

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58134330B SP08: File not found on application server
1411585Obsolete text in RSCPINST with some logon languages
638701Starting RFC servers takes too long
1318160APD: Target File is always stored under DIR_HOME
1717846sapstartsrv SLD registration
1422672DB2-z/OS:BW: LOAD NULLFILE terminates, ILLEGAL OPERAND '%..'
678221RADNTLANG program termination with TYPELOAD_NEW_VERSION
909259Work directory of the program tp
608608Creating the SQL optimizer statistics in the liveCache
898921Error in the JOB_RSWBOUP1 phase
942691Information about using RCCLUKA2
746138Analyzing lock table overflows
65325Error files and trace files for Remote Function Call (RFC)
370397Installing Demo Content - CSV files are missing
650345Excel upload in the background
777565Output of runtime information of tp (trace)
543870EP 5.0: Test for jcoDestinations.xml is failing
1249794Call of the involved service for SOAMANAGER fails
870690Using DB13C to update statistics for remote MaxDB instances
948636Starting executables locally using RFC
832577Runtime error on Unicode - inconsistent table types
739192Batchman: Program termination in background processing
953653Rolling kernel switch
576253FAQ: Payment Processing (formerly known as Checkwrite)
162991Generation tools for ABAP programs
703025Auto-reaction method cannot be adjusted
1787260CCMS: Mutual activity control of agents