SAP Parameter DIR_CT_RUN - missing


1648924sapevents.dll in DIR_CT_RUN gesperrt
1513877Start SCS on a remote host on Unix during the upgrade
998004Update the Oracle Instant Client on Windows
1556113sapevents.dll in DIR_CT_RUN is locked
1122058Manual Exchange of kernel binaries
564395DB4, Windows: Applying Application Server Kernel Patches
1662034Creating strdbsj2ee.cmd manually on SQL Server
829483Oracle Upgrade to 10g Release 1 (10.1) on Windows
1104735Upgrade to the new instance-specific directory on UNIX
1433363Enabling SQL Server 2005 Driver v2.0 for SAP NetWeaver 7.1x
1349666DB2-z/OS: 7.00 SR3 directory structure for CLI driver
1632754IBM i: Umstellung auf ein Instanz-spezifisches Verzeichnis
1457530CCMS: JMON library is locked in a kernel staging directory
1237612Java server process: deployment fails
1243438JSPM cannot update sapevents.dll
592747INST: Applic. server in heter. SAP R/3 environment (6.20)
1091801DB6: Conversion of client connectivity
680617INST: Appl.Server in Heterogeneous SAP System Environment
1740305Central Note: SAP systems on Solaris Cluster 3.3 update 1
1400383SAP BP: SAP NWBC 3.0 as of EhP4 for SAP ERP 6.0, ABAP Config
1043592MSCS: Cluster Resource Monitor Crashes on W2K3 SP2
30258NT: Dr. Watson reports c0000006 (in page io error)
758667iSeries: Installing sapcrypto library for R/3
1775206MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP7
1690835MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP4
1656036SUM functionality for checking sapstartsrv patch level
1713070MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP5
580342INST: Additional Instances 6.30
1557404Central Note - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP02 [lmt_007]
1078134IBM i: Distribution of ILE and PASE system components
755490Support Package Stack Guide - SAP NetWeaver '04
327014DB2/390: Inst. NT dialog instances with OS/390 central insta
1364670DB2-z/OS: Additions upgrade to SAP NW 7.20 7.30
1863944MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP9
915079J2EE on Oracle: Updating the JDBC drivers
664679Installing 6.40 kernel in SAP WEB AS 6.10/6.20
1879293MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP10
1432609OBSOLETE: Inst.Systems Based on NW 7.3 - UNIX
1283395Central Note: Upgrade to Systems on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Java
667064iSeries: Installing SAP J2EE Engine SPs
584524INST: SAP Web AS 6.30 on Windows - General
697535Add. Info. on applying Support Packages (Web AS Java 6.40)
1249469SAP NetWeaver Based On Kernel 7.11: Windows
2052760MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP12
921594(Outdated)Inst.SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) SR1 - UNIX:Oracle
1926923MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP11
80266Installing NT Applicn. Servers in UNIX Environment
966416Inst. SAP NetWeaver based on Kernel 7.10 - UNIX
965569SAP NetWeaver Based On Kernel 7.10: Windows
966719SAP NetWeaver Inst. Based on Kernel 7.10: IBM DB2 for i5/OS
1169802Inst.NetWeaver 7.0 EHP1/Business Suite 7 - UNIX/Oracle
1300538Inst.NetWeaver 7.0 EHP1 SR1/Business Suite 7 SR1-UNIX/Oracle
1249364Inst. SAP NetWeaver based on Kernel 7.11 - UNIX
972263Inst.NW 7.0(2004s)SR2/Business Suite 2005 SR2-UNIX/Oracle
1094599Inst.NW 7.0 SR3/Business Suite 2005 SR3-UNIX/Oracle
15533017.20 EXT Kernel - Usage
1527078Inst.Systems Based on NW 7.0 EHP3 on UNIX/Oracle
1341277Inst.NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2/ Business Suite 7i2010 - UNIX/Oracle
1527079Inst.Systems Based on NW 7.0 EHP3 on UNIX
319835Availability SAP DB on Microsoft Cluster server
848950SAP NetWeaver 2004s Installation on Windows (Obsolete)
1713986Installation of kernel 721 (EXT)