SAP Parameter rsdb/vmcj/codepage_compatibility - Grad der von Open SQL für JTS unterstützten Codepage Konvertierungen


Short text
Degree of code page support for Open SQL for JTS
This parameter defines the supported conversions for "Open SQL for Java"when reading or writing character-type data. Set the parameter inaccordance with the system code pages used in the system landscape. Thefollowing values are permitted:
0 ==>
Set this value in a purely Unicode system landscape. There are norestrictions when reading or writing data using Open SQL for Java.
1 ==>
All non-Unicode systems in a system landscape have the same system codepage. In this case, Open SQL for Java ensures that only characters fromthis code page can be written.
2 ==>
The system landscape contains non-Unicode systems with different systemcode pages. In this case, only 7-bit ASCII characters can be writtenusing Open SQL for Java, since it is only possible to guarantee aloss-free reconversion to Java (UTF16 Unicode) for these characters.

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