SAP Parameter dbs/ora/tnsname_standby - Service Name for a Standby Database Instance (Oracle SQL*NET V2)

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Short text
Service Name for a Standby Database Instance (Oracle SQL*NET V2)

Parameter description
If more than one Oracle database instance has been installed (OracleParallel Server Option) and SQL*NET V2 is used, the above parameter canbe used to define a standby database instance for the respectiveapplication server in each application server profile. If the profileparameter rsdb/reco_trials is set for thedatabase reconnect without restarting the work process, the DB reconnectautomatically takes place on the defined standby database instance ifthe original database instance of the application server can no longerbe reached.

Work area

Default value
Empty character string

Who is allowed
Customer after discussion with SAP

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
Parameter can only be set on ORACLE with Parallel Server Option

Other parameter

Character string