SAP Parameter dbs/ora/register_appl_info - Register application information in the Oracle Shared SQL Area


Short text
Register application information in the Oracle S

Parameter description
This parameter is used to control whether the current position in thecalling ABAP program should be reported to Oracle for a "prepare" stepin an SQL statement. Oracle then stores this information when storingthe statement in the shared SQL area. This allows you to use transactionST04 to go directly to the call point in the ABAP program from adisplayed SQL statement when displaying the shared SQL area.
The application information is reported to Oracle by calling a standardOracle procedure and therefore only slightly reduces performance.However, this overhead (around 5 ms) is only needed when "preparing"(parsing) an SQL statement. This effect should not be visible in a tunedsystem because the use of the R/3 statement cache should prevent the useof "prepare" steps as much as possible.

Work area

Parameter unit
0 = deactivated (no application info is sent to Oracle)
1 = activated (application info is sent to Oracle)

Default value

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Other parameter

0 or 1