SAP Parameter dbs/ora/close_stmt_after_exec - Close SQL statement after execution


Short text
Close SQL statement after execution

Parameter description
This parameter lets you force SQL statements to close immediately afterthey are executed for Oracle and force the release of all the resourcesallocated in the context of the statement.
For performance reasons, this normally does not happen. In the DBinterface, a statement cache is implemented in which a certain number ofSQL statements for the database are held open. The advantage of thiscache is that when the same SQL statements are executed more than once,certain DB calls and thus "server roundtrips" can be saved.
Certain Oracle functions, such as that for closing a database link, canonly be executed successfully when all SQL statements have been closedfor the database. In such an instance, you can force the system to closeimmediately after the statement is executed by setting this parameter.
The parameter can have the following values:

  • 0 ==> Statements are re-used (default)

  • 1 ==> All Native SQL statements are closed immediately after they are
  • executed
    • 2 ==> All Open and Native SQL statements are closed after they are
    • executed
      Normally, this parameter should be left with its default value forperformance reasons. In some cases, it may be useful to set thisparameter to 1 when you use database links via the Native SQL interfacein order to close database links again after they are used. Theparameter value 2 is useful as a workaround only when certain errorsoccur.

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      Other parameter

      { 0, 1, 2 }