SAP Parameter dbs/db2/ssid - DB2 subsystem/group attachment name


Short text
DB2 subsystem/group attachment nameDB2 for OS/390-specific parameter which allows the DB2 subsystemname and DB2 group attachment name to be different from the SAP Systemname (<(><<)>SAPSID<(>><)>). This value is used to connect to DB2 using
the CallAttachment Facility and can be either the DB2 subsystem name or theDB2 goup attachment name unless it exceeds four characters inlength.The R/3 profile parameter has precedence over the respectiveenvironment variable R3_DB2_SSID.

Work area

Default value
SAP system name <(><<)>SAPSID<(>><)>.

Who is allowed

Limitation for os
AIX, Windows NT

Limitation for db
DB2 for OS/390

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