SAP Parameter ztta/roll_first - First used part of memory in ztta/roll_area


Short text
Quota for early allocation in the roll areaThe value specifies the amount of memory in bytes that is allocatedfrom the roll area, before memory is allocated from the extendedmemory. This means that small user contexts can remain completely inthe roll area. Any wastage and therefore total consumption of theextended memory can be minimized, because extended memory isassigned to users in granules of a specific length (usually 1 MB).
AimOptimum usage of the extended memory

Work area
Memory management

Parameter unit

Default value
1000000 (1MB) (others)

Who is allowed
The customerNo manual maintenance under Windows NT required
(Windows NT) Effective in all work processes, due to identicalallocation sequence (Windows NT).
(Others) Only effective in dialog work processesShould be clearly (at least 100 KB) smaller thanztta/roll_area