SAP Parameter ztta/roll_area - Maximum roll area per user context


Short text
Roll area sizeThe value specifies the size of the roll area in bytes.The roll area is one of several memory areas from which thememory requirements of user programs are satisfied.For technical reasons, approximately the first 250 KB of a usercontext is always stored in the roll area, additional data
1) to the limit ztta/roll_first in the roll
area, then
2) in extended memory, to the limit
ztta/roll_extensionor, if extended memory is exhausted, then
3) in the roll area again, until the roll area is full, then
4) in the heap memory (PRIV mode), to the limitabap/heap_area_dia or
abap/heap_area_total or untilthe address space or the swap space is exhausted.
(This allocation sequence applies for dialog work processes. Inthe case of non-dialog work processes, the sequence 1) 3) 4) 2)applies. After this, terminations occur, with errors such as:STORAGE_PARAMETERS_WRONG_SET or an error code that indicates amemory bottleneck.
AimMinimum data transfer with context change; however, theincrease helps to avoid problems (address space, swap space,operating system paging)

Parameter unit

Default value
6500000 (6,5MB) (others)
2000000 (2MB) (Microsoft Windows NT)

Proposed value
6500000 (6.5MB) (others)
2000000 (2MB) (Microsoft Windows NT)

Who is allowed
The customerNo manual maintenance under Windows NT necessary
Should be adjusted due to ztta/roll_area
Must be adjusted due to ztta/roll_areaCan be checked using ST02

Limitation for os

Limitation for db