SAP Parameter zcsa/table_buffer_area - Size of generic key buffer (table buffer)


Short text
Size of Resident-Table BufferSpecifies the size of the resident-table (100%) buffer.This buffer holds entries from tables which have been definedin the Data Dictionary with buffer type X (buffer all entriesthat belong to active clients) and G (buffer entries accordingto a generic key specification).

Work area
System , Tuning

Parameter unit

Default value

Who is allowed

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
Noneipc/shm_psize_10, zcsa/db_max_buftabipc/shm_psize_10: In standard systems, the resident-table buffer isstored in shared memory pool 10. If you change the size of thebuffer, then you must change the amount of memory in pool 10 by thesame amount. You can remove the buffer from the pool by setting theparameter ipc/shm_psize_19=0.Removing the buffer from pool 10 simplifies your profile management.The buffer is stored in its own shared memory segment, which isallocated automatically when the server is started. You do not haveto change ipc/shm_psize_10 when you change the buffer size.You cannot remove the buffer from pool 10 in AIX systems.In AIX, the number of shared memory pools that can be allocatedis limited.