SAP Parameter zcsa/calendar_area - Size of Calendar Buffer


Size of Calendar Bufferall defined holiday and factory calendars. Calendars arestored in the data base in tables TFACS and THOCS. Thebuffer is initialized at system startup: all definedcalendars are loaded. If the buffer is not large enoughfor all calendars, then they are loaded dynamically whenthey are accessed.
If problems arise relating to the buffer capacity, you cansave storage space by deleting unused calendars orincreasing the size of the calendar buffer.


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Other parameter

Other parameter
ipc/shm_psize_10In standard systems, the resident-table buffer is stored inshared memory pool 10. If you change the size of the buffer,then you must change the amount of memory in pool 10 by thesame amount.You can remove the buffer from the pool by setting theparameter ipc/shm_psize_11=0.Removing the buffer from pool 10 simplifies your profilemanagement. The buffer is stored in its own shared memorysegment, which is allocated automatically when the server isstarted. You do not have to change ipc/shm_psize_10 whenyou change the buffer size.You cannot remove the buffer from pool 10 in AIX systems.In AIX, the number of shared memory pools that can beallocated is limited.

Buffer size in bytes.

Recommended value for systems of all sizes
500,000 bytes.