SAP Parameter wdisp/ssl_certhost - Hostname with server certificate


Short text
Host name with certificateThis parameter is only relevant if you have configured communicationwith certificates ( wdisp/ssl_auth ).If this parameter is then not set, you must issue a servercertificate for each application server in the corresponding hostname. You can use this parameter to specify a host in the name ofwhich the server certificate is issued. You do not then need toissues a certificate for each application server.
ExampleYour server certificate is issued in the name "".You activate this certificate for all application servers intransaction STRUST. You also set the value of wdisp/ssl_certhostto .If you do not set this parameter, the host name at the messageserver (smlg) and the name in which the certificates are issuedmust match.

Work area
SAP Web Dispatcher

Parameter unit
character string

Default value
not set

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db