SAP Parameter wdisp/load_balancing_strategy - SAP Web Dispatcher: Set the load balancing strategy


Short text
SAP Web Dispatcher: load balancing strategyYou can use this parameter to set the load balancing strategy of theSAP Web Dispatcher.
The possible values are:
weighted_round_robinStatic weighted round robin procedure, that is, the requests aredistributed in turn, in accordance with the server capacity valuenumber of dialog processes or J2EE Server nodes.
simple_weighted_round_robinThis is also a weighted round robin, but with simplifiedscheduling: Each server S_i with the weighting factor w_ireceives exactly w_i successive requests, before it is the turn ofthe next server, S_i+1.
This can lead to unexpected results, particularly underHTTPS, if individual servers receive too many immediately successiverequests.

Work area
SAP Web Dispatcher

Parameter unit
Special character string

Default value

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

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