SAP Parameter wdisp/HTTPS/sticky_mask - HTTPS: sticky mask for client IP addresses


Short text
HTTPS: Sticky mask for client ip addresses
This parameter is only required for HTTPS connectionsThis parameter has no meaning for HTTP connections!This parameter describes a bit mask for client IP addresses.The IP address of a client that connects to the Web Dispatcher iscombined with this bit mask (AND) and the result is used for theload balancing of clients.
In this way, groups of client IP addresses can be combined.This function is required because large Internet providers usemultiple proxies (with different IP addresses, but the clients mustbe handled in the same way (applications with a status in theserver).

Work area
SAP Web Dispatcher

Parameter unit
character string

Default value this way the last 12 bits of the client IP address are no longersignificant (are not differentiated).

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
NoneThe size of the mapping table in memory is influenced by thesticky mask. The more bits that are set to 0, the fewer differentclient IP addresses must be administered:If all bits are set, there can be 2^32 possible entries; if 12bits are 0, still 2^20: #Entries = 2^(32-#0bits).The parameter wdisp/max_client_ip_entries specifies the sizeof the table in memory.Character string with four numerical specification (0-255) thatare separated from each other with a full stop. No full stop andno numerical value may be omitted.
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