SAP Parameter vsi/cache/size_MB - Maximum size of mega bytes which should be scanned in memory


Short text
Maximum size to be scanned for viruses in the main memory (in megabytes)

Parameter description
This parameter defines the maximum amount of data that a virus scanshould transfer to the virus scanner as an internal table in memory withCL_VSI->SCAN_ITAB. Above this limit, a temporary file is created andscanned.
When scanning files, ensure that there is enough storage space availablein the temporary directory DIR_TEMP, and that, if there is a scanner inon-access mode, that it is not locking this temporary file.

Work area
Use ABAP OO class CL_VSI with Virus Scan Server (vscan_rfc)

Parameter unit
Megabytes (MB)

Default value

Who is allowed

Limitation for os
Sufficient main memory

Limitation for db

Other parameter

See above