SAP Parameter vmcj/asyncCompilation - configure asynchronous compilation for VMC


Short text
Configure asynchronous compilation for VMC
This parameter controls the compile mode in the Virtual MachineContainer (VMC). If the parameter has the value on, the methods arecompiled asynchronously. During this time the application continues torun in interpreter mode. If the parameter has the value off, thecompilation is performed inline, in other words the application isstopped until the compilation is completed.
This parameter is only used by the "optimized backend". This means thatthe parameter is only effective on the following platforms: HP withIA_64 CPU.
Using the addition max_vms, you can specify how many asynchronouscompilations can be run simultaneously. The default here is 1.
vmcj/asyncCompilation = off --> no asynchronous compilation
vmcj/asyncCompilation = on --> asynchronous compiling active, max. oneasynchronous compilation at any one time
vmcj/asyncCompilation = on --> asynchronous compiling active, max.three asynchronous compilations at any one time

Work area

Parameter unit
on / off

Default value

Limitation for os
off | on [, max_vms=<(><<)>number>]