SAP Parameter icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_subject - trust client with a certificate of this subject


Short text
Trust client with a certificate of this subjectThis parameter is required for transferring certificates in HTTPheader fields from an intermediate (such as an SAP Web Dispatcher)to the ICM.
The trust relationship between the SAP Web Dispatcher and ICM iscreated using a client certificate, which the Web Dispatcher usesfor the SSL connection. The ICM uses this Web Dispatcher certificateto decide whether the Web Dispatcher is trusted or not.
The following parameters must be set in the profile of the ICM tospecify the trusted intermediate:

  • icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_issuer = <(><<)>issuer<(>><)>

  • icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_subject = <(><<)>subject<(>><)>
  • If the <(><<)>subject<(>><)> and <(><<)>issuer<(>><)> of the Web
    Dispatcher clientcertificate match these values, the ICM accepts the SSL headerfields, otherwise it deletes them.

    Work area
    Internet Communication Manager

    Parameter unit
    character string

    Default value

    Who is allowed
    The customer

    Limitation for os

    Limitation for db
    This parameter is used together with the following parameter: