SAP Parameter Activating_Background_Processing - Activating Background Processing documentation

Activating_Background_ProcessingActivating Background ProcessingBy default, background processing is inactivated. To enable backgrounprocessing, you must set the rdisp/myname ,
rdisp/wp_btc_noand rdisp/btctime system parameters. You can
activate backgroundprocessing in any number of servers. To configure a server to procesbackground jobs, set the background processing parameters in thesystem profile as follows:rdisp/myname
Enter a unique name for the application server.The name is user-definable. It does not need to correspond to theR/3 System or host system name.
Set this parameter in the background server's private profile.irdisp/btctime
Enter the interval in seconds at which the backgroundtime-based scheduler should routinely be started.The scheduler starts all eligible jobs whenever it is started.
Set this parameter in the background server's private profile.If this parameter is set to the default value of 0 in the defaultprofile, the scheduler will not routinely be started. If theparameter is set to 0 in the application processor, no backgroundprocessing will be performed. The following parameters areoverridden by operation mode definitions:rdisp/wp_no_btc
Enter the number of work processes that are to be used only forbackground processing. If this parameter is set to 0, nobackground processing will be performed in the application serverTherefore, enter at least 1.
Set this parameter in the background server's private profile.Leave this parameter set to 0 in the default profile.rdisp/wp_no_dia
Enter the number of work processes that are to be used forprocessing dialog requests. The number must be at least 1. Thebackground scheduler requires a dialog work process in which torun.
Set this parameter in the background server's private profile.Specifying the Event-Based Scheduler Only one event-basedscheduler can run at a time. You must define where this schedulerruns. To define the instance, on which the event-based schedulerruns, use the system parameter rdisp/btcnameReserving Work Processes For Class A JobsWhen defining a background processing instance, you can reserve workprocesses exclusively for processing jobs of class A. By reservingat least one work process for such jobs, you ensure that importantclass A jobs cannot be blocked by less important jobs. If the numberof class A work processes in an instance is the same as the totalnumber of work processes, then only jobs of class A can be processed.All other jobs are blocked.
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