SAP Parameter es/disclaim_coasting_time_alloc - Control EM usage against operating system


Short text
Parameter for Controlling the Release of Extended Memory
You can use this group of instance profile parameters (see below) tocontrol the amount of memory released for the operating system dependingon the fill level of the extended memory and thereby minimize theassociated disadvantages. Memory above an adjustable threshold in theextended memory is always released for the operating system. As soon asthis threshold is exceeded, memory below this threshold can also bereleased for the operating system for a specified time period. When EMblocks are released, a definable size of the upper section of the EMblock can also be released for the operating system.
es/disclaim_coasting_time_alloc specifies the number of seconds afterthe threshold specified in
es/disclaim_threshold_MB is exceeded when allocating a block pagedout to the swap space, that this block is to be released for the OS.
Free blocks held in the swap space should be first read from the harddisk. However, since the content is obsolete, it is better for systemperformance to release this block for the OS and to request a new blockfrom the main memory.

Work area
Extended Memory

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Limitation for os

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Other parameter

0- 32000